We are a Centre that shares and celebrates the richness and depth of Judaism. We empower individuals to be educated in the wealth of Jewish knowledge and the beauty of meaningful Jewish practice for themselves and for their children.

Main Level | SEcond Level | Third Level | Lower Level | Terrace & Rooftop garden


  1. Educational Wing
  2. Daily Sanctuary
  3. Elevator
  4. Classrooms (3) – price per
  5. Hand washing Station
  6. Bema
  7. Hebrew School Office
  8. Ner Tomid
  9. General Office
1. Educational Wing1,000,000
2. Daily Sanctuary1,000,000
3. Elevator100,000
4. Classrooms (3) - price perThe Azouri Family (Most left classroom and middle classroom)72,000
5. Hand washing Station56,000
6. BemaGolda Brown and Harry Krakowsky36,000
7.Hebrew School OfficeThe Kroft Family18,000
8. Ner TomidThe Zobin Family18,000
9. General Office18,000