The FHJC Vision
The Forest Hill Village was recognized for its Jewish community for decades, it was long without a local Jewish Centre to call its own, prior to the development of a space that has been designed to serve and reflect the most invaluable elements of Jewish life.
For more than 10 years, temporary facilities on the second floor of 446 Spadina — upstairs from Starbucks — have been used to develop a new local institution shaped by our traditions.
The new Temmy Latner Forest Hill Jewish Centre, now under construction a few blocks north of St. Clair Avenue, is located a short walk from where the Centre has already succeeded on so many levels: scholarly, spiritually and socially.
The growth and success of these programs have inspired the construction of a unique facility, which will reflect our heritage, while adding to the fabric of the Forest Hill Village.
Currently, with more than 200 member families, and over 500 participants in the weekly activity schedule and over 80 students enrolled in the afternoon Hebrew school, the institution has become an unqualified success. The Centre now touches thousands of people a year.
Shabbat services each week incorporate a wide range of activities. Friday night dinners and Saturday morning services also feature guest speakers from around the world.
Classes and lectures focused on all elements of Judaism are also a mainstay of the Centre.
Jewish history and philosophy is related in a style that is accessible to anyone who wants to reinforce their personal link to Jewish tradition.
Holidays also provide a focal point, too, as each significant day on the Jewish calendar is accentuated with special activities. Personal milestones are similarly commemorated in a style that can make everyone in the community feel like a part of the celebration.
The real promise of the Centre will be fulfilled in its new space. A permanent building will provide essential facilities for life cycle events, education programs and charitable projects for generations to come.